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Advocating for People Living with Pain

Bringing together patient advocates, patient organizations, scientists, clinicians, healthcare providers, and policymakers to create better outcomes in the awareness, understanding, research, education, assessment, and management of pain throughout the world.


Listing of resources relevant to those living with pain including

fact sheets, publications, and digital resources.


GAPPA is reaching across disciplines to help fill the

“Pain Gap” that represents a major disability in each discipline


GAPPA’s expertise makes them exceptional collaborators on many research projects that align with their values and aims.

Holding Hands

Our Vision

Working together to improve the lives of people affected by pain through effective and equitable integration of the lived pain experience into all aspects of pain research, management, education, and advocacy, across the world, for all people.

My Letter to Pain

The purpose of the My Letter to Pain initiative is to highlight and increase understanding of the different experiences of pain, told from perspectives of people with lived experience of pain.
Submissions will be collected anonymously and on a rolling basis. All stories will be published anonymously unless you choose otherwise. Click submit to learn more. 


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